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Point being, the team many feared heading into this season after Atlanta came so close to a Super Bowl win has been less than advertised and it hardly warrants a double digit give here despite facing a struggling opponent. Miami has been horrendous offensively (averaging just 10 points per game) but such a ridiculous output can last forever. The host has been sloppy this season and it could open up some opportunities for much maligned QB Jay Cutler to escape current funk.

“This did not mean Bill Belichick was without ego far from it,” Halberstam wrote. “His ego was exceptional, and it was reflected by his almost unique determination. He liked being the best and wanted credit for being the best, a quiet kind of credit.

I think that s the difficult part of mental illness, Smith said. You have a mind that s telling you that you don t have a problem. And you start to feel better, then you feel you don t need (counseling) anymore. Dean Smith Richard: The Seahawks have long been a second half team second half of games, second half of the season. This could be due to a few factors one is the otherworldly home record they have. Seattle rarely loses at home, only dropping two at home in a season twice in the Pete Carroll era, so having seven or eight wins in your pocket like that may lead to taking their foot off the gas on the road early..

The first test came when President Donald Trump and Congress pledged to repeal Obamacare and “defund” Planned Parenthood. House Speaker Paul Ryan promised it would happen by early February, just days after Trump would take office. Any other year, with Republicans controlling both chambers and the executive branch, that might have happened.

Although NFL policies require that football pressures be in a range between 12.5 and 13.5 psig (pounds per square inch gauge), when outside temperatures are cold, balls within compliance at won be under game conditions. This elementary physics appears to have been outside the ken of NFL officials.The NFL also appears to have been unaware that cheap pressure gauges, of the type used by its officials, can get out of compliance. At the AFC Championship, referee Anderson had two gauges, one of which (the Gauge measured approximately 0.38 psi high.

There nothing like a dispute over words to get Canadians to pay attention and in this case that might not be a bad thing.outcomes of recent immigrants have shown that integration is not automatic, says the report, which surveys emerging problems with immigration flows and the pressure it putting on Canadian sectors. Ethnic diversity divide splits Vancouver from hinterlandWhile some Canadians behave as if it xenophobic to question immigration policy, immigration rates and their results, the sweeping in house government report, titled Evidence Based Levels and Mix: Absorptive Capacity, does exactly that.The report, obtained by Vancouver lawyer Richard Kurland, shows integration of immigrants into Canada, despite relative success here compared to most countries, is faltering in regards to housing, jobs, health care, education, religious tensions, ethnic enclaves and transit. It wants policy makers to adapt.Some pivotal points:Immigrants are struggling with housingLike millions of Canadian born residents, immigrants are battling to afford adequate housing, especially in major cities.

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