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Ron Simmons, the awesome Florida State nose guard (1977 80) is on the list but a popular shoo in will be Deion Sanders, the FSU defensive back (1985 88). I’ll never forget going down to Tallahassee once when Deion was still an unknown and when we talked he had a jillion gold chains around his neck. I asked him, “How many of those things you own?” and his answer was a classic: “All of ’em!”.

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As Mr. Rymanowski gave reporters a guided tour through the main studio where “SportsCenter” originated and is still based on the East Coast, he made reference to several photos of the studio’s many incarnations through the decades. “In one of these photos you will see the worst employee ever to work for ESPN,” he said.

(I went to ESPN MediaZone a place so large, you can get lost in there, like in the Brazilian rainforest or at Caesars Palace to research the worldwide leader’s NFL work force. I nearly died making that journey. Sure, you say, it’s just an online site.

For another, he talked about Edmonton overall plan and linked Chiarelli to that plan. Have a plan and we going to get it right, he said, then a moment later added: relationship between Peter Chiarelli and Keith Gretzky has been very good. We going to keep the plan.

Told my parents I going to take it a year at a time. If I do well I stay up here. If for whatever reason I don do well or I don like it, I can at least say I tried it. Green Bay averted disaster when John Kuhn fumbled on the Packers first play after Seattle missed on fourth down from the Packers 7, but centre Jeff Saturday recovered. The Seahawks held and forced Green Bay to punt from the 4 with 57 seconds left. The 41 yard punt set Seattle up at the Green Bay 46 with 46 seconds remaining..

Wentz was everything this season was not. He was a young, healthy, budding superstar who looked like he was going to lead a complete team to a Super Bowl. He was likely injured while diving into the end zone in the third quarter. In August 1995, 16 year old Pierre and three teenage cronies wearing ski masks descended on a convenience store in Allapattah. Pierre, armed with a .35 caliber Magnum, shot the Indian born storeowner in the chest and back and then cleared out the cash register. The owner survived.

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