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Last week, it was reported that the Dallas Cowboys set special rules for their troubled wide receiver Dez Bryant.A midnight curfew.Well if they aren’t in place as reported, maybe Jones should reconsider.As ridiculously strict and odd as they may seem, I think the rules would be a good move by the Cowboys. The team has millions and millions of dollars invested in the talented receiver. If they want to keep him despite his troubles, they should do anything in their power to keep him out of trouble.People will probably argue that there’s something wrong with “babysitting” a 23 year old man.

Adds Tucker: “I think we do an excellent job of being scrutinous in our work to where, when one of us sees something, we say something. We talk about it, and no one’s opposed to constructive criticism. Especially for rookies, it’s a rite of passage.

Charles Davis As a star defensive back for Tennessee in the 1980s, Charles Davis helped lead the Vols to a 1985 Sugar Bowl win. Tennessee fans remember Davis as an intelligent, physical player who helped pace the Volunteers football program back to national prominence. He recorded 234 tackles and 13 interceptions in 39 career games as a defensive back.

Your question is symbolic of the ultra subjective quality of this draft. Yesterday, I asked Tony to give me names that make sense for the Packers at 27. He said: “Reggie Ragland, Andrew Billings, Hunter Henry. We recognized and supported his ability to do that, but he never brought that into the locker room. We had a meeting the day after the Green Bay game, that he (kneeled) in the preseason, and he explained to all the players his thought process and mindset for what he was doing. And there were some players who agreed with him and there were some players who didn agree with him.

In the NFL, you need to be able to count to 24 as in the 24 votes required to get a proposal passed and I don’t think this overtime initiative will get that many. A previous two possession proposal got just 18 votes, and another one about moving the overtime kickoff spot got fewer than that. A lot of owners are very resistant to making any changes, much less dramatic ones..

Gurus are usually relegated to baseball pitchers and golf swings, but if there is such a thing as an offensive line guru, it’s McWhorter, Penn State’s new line coach. The former Texas offensive line coach wasn’t named the 2008 assistant coach of the year by AFCA to garner free air time on the Longhorn Network. He won that award because he earned it, because his reputation as one of the best offensive line coaches in the nation was manifesting itself on the field..

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