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Going into this camp, I wondered about what there was going to be as far as entertainment off the field. Last year, every night we’d watch the Olympics. NBC delayed showing all of the content until evenings, and for players at training camp, it was perfect.

UCLA went on the road without some key defensive players and it showed in the Bruins upset loss at Memphis. Arizona State was also on the road and couldn stop Texas Tech. Arizona won Friday, easing the noise a bit before conference begins.. DT Julius Warmsley returned to practice after being out a couple weeks. Carroll said top rookie draft pick Frank Clark, so fast and effective against Denver at DE, played through a sore ankle Friday. He played in all four quarters, so that’s why the ankle is still sore.

You just try to do your best and become your best. That the biggest thing I want to do is be the best I can be and never really set goals for myself of how many games I wanted to play. I just wanted to play my best. “A lot of the people are our neighbors and friends, and a lot of the people have been coming here for multiple generations now. My grandpa started it in the ’60s, we’ve got three different generations that come to do it grandparents, parents, and then the new little kids of them that’ll all come out. The grandparents talk about when they were young, coming out and picking out their tree here, so it’s a full family experience.

Under OSC rules, all securities sold in the exempt market are classified as investments regardless of the nature of the investment. It should be noted that the OSC chose to ignore addressing the risk level of exempt market securities; its approach focuses on how these securities are distributed rather than what is distributed. As Canadian capital markets have evolved and developed, it is a shame that Canada largest securities regulator has not.Basing the decision on protecting investors is a curious argument logically, since it suggests the OSC does not deem its newly created class of investors to be sophisticated enough to purchase investment funds managed by professional portfolio managers (who are themselves regulated by the OSC).

But the Rice case was insult atop injury. If the NFL is truly to hold itself to the “higher standards of responsible conduct” advocated for by Goodell, it should treat domestic violence like Rice’s more seriously than the largely self destructive behavior that continues to pervade the league. This should especially be the case given the prevalence of assaults against women on college campuses, in the military and in private homes..

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