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One troubling trend for the Vikings was the two missed field goals by Kai Forbath, whose streak of 16 consecutive makes ended in the second quarter when a 48 yard attempt went wide right. His 39 yard try in the third quarter bounced off the left upright. Forbath made a 39 yarder in the fourth quarter, but until this game he’d only missed one 3 pointer all season..

Secondly, IfMich should upset Alabama, who lost alot of good players to graduation or lost elgibility, then there is no reason why Mich should not run the table with their conference schedule. This is the weakest the Big Ten has been in years and Mich should be the cream that rises to the top. Denard has been there, done that and when he beats up on bama in September, it should put him at the top of the Heisman but it won matter, DRob is about the team, the team, the team..

Despite being a textbook sociopath, Tim was a big Packer fan. I looked forward to Packer games, because I knew that I was safe for at least three hours, maybe longer if the Packers won. It seemed to be about the only thing he really cared about. Astronomers struggle to understand how planets form in binary star systems. Early models suggested that the gravitational tug of war between two stellar bodies would send young planets into eccentric orbits, possibly ejecting them completely from their home system or sending them crashing into their stars. Observational evidence, however, reveals that planets do indeed form and maintain surprisingly stable orbits around double stars..

Advertisers had to tread carefully this year in a divisive political climate. Some went for all out escapist humor like T Mobile and Tide, while others tried to take a more serious tone like the American Petroleum Institute. With 30 second ads costing around $5 million, and more than 110 million people watching, it’s a huge gamble to advertise during the game even in a less politically charged atmosphere..

What also gets fans up in arms is that some of their team favorite, most important players might get hurt when they do briefly jump into the action during these meaningless games. And the thing that really drives the most loyal fans nuts is that they are forced to buy tickets at full price these matchups that mostly feature players they don know and may not see again in the regular season. Anyone who buys season tickets, after all, is required to pay for seats for two home preseason games as part of the package.

The station also has the only local newsmagazine out there. New Florida is a well produced show that features two classy (and lovely) hosts in Debra Ball and Hunter Reno. If that’s not enough, then turn to Florida Crossroads for homegrown documentaries.

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