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The Raiders’ strength is getting after the quarterback. The Chiefs couldn’t pound the ball all day. And Oakland got a big stop in the red zone. QB Troy Aikman finds his rhythm early in the game. As is the case for Dan Marino and the Dolphins, Aikman is coming off of almost three weeks away from the job and will be a touch rusty in the early going. Expect to see the Cowboys run the football more than usual early in the game.

He’s in paradise in the Berkeley melting pot, living in a place with greater variety of people than perhaps anywhere on Earth. On campus, he’s taken a class with Colin Kaepernick about the representation of minorities in the media. His little brothers, in pee wee football back home, proudly wear Cal towels when they play..

Peter Byrd wrote in to say, “Once technology does the bulk of an umpire’s job, who will want to be an umpire? The charm will go out of umpiring.” Well, I would have thought that quite the opposite would happen. The amount of opprobrium to which umpires are unfairly subjected for mistakes detected through technology they have no access to is already enough to scare off prospective umpires from the job. Technology will make an umpire’s life immeasurably easier, by cutting down on his errors.

“I’m feeling really good,” Harris said of his shoulder, on which he underwent surgery Dec. 30 to repair a torn labrum. “I’m pretty through the tough stage of the recovery process. Two more with ties to the Butte College football program joined him among the NFL ranks as tight end Geoff Swaim was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys and Rashad Ross earned a roster spot with the Washington Redskins as a kick returner and wide receiver. Both, like Rodgers, are former Roadrunners, and Swaim is another Pleasant Valley High graduate like the Green Bay Packers quarterback. The Nuts rolled, winning all four games they played in Yountville, never needing the second chance that the double elimination event offered..

RIO DE JANEIRO (AP) Claressa Shields has become the first American boxer of either gender to win two Olympic boxing gold medals.Shields on Sunday beat Netherlands fighter Nouchka Fontijn by unanimous decision to win her second middleweight gold. She was the star of the London Games and again was the class of her division.The 21 year old Flint, Michigan native, raised her arms in the corner toward friends and family in the stands after the third round. The fourth round was simply a coronation for a fighter who put women’s boxing on the map.

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