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Teams out of the playoffs. The poorest of teams, these squads should be pushovers but often play the best this weekend, apparently since they haven nothing to lose. You see a lot of aggressive play calling and risk taking as they empty out the playbook with the season grinding to an end.

I admireDerek Dooley more than I could ever tell you, and he a good man. Will have to wait to find out if he have an opportunity to be retained by the next head coach. The odds say that the new coach will want to bring in his own coordinators, but Chaney is willing to wait and see what happens..

No. 1 question I get is when are we going to get a team in Halifax and how quickly can we do it, Ambrosie said, before adding for those on hand for Friday forum: we wait for this franchise to happen, until we make this official, you are part of the CFL. You have been and you will forever be part of the CFL.

The second play I made a tackle for a yard loss again. On third down, Don Paul kicked me in the butt and said, “They’re going to try you again.” Well, for some reason, the quarterback drew a delay of game, so they were third and 5. I rushed the passer and he threw incomplete.

And a dedicated crew including Billy Moores, Al Watt, and Derek Drager, and submitted to the HHoF selection committee to support Coach Drake nomination. It a pretty impressive group of people to say the least, not just hockey people but from all walks of life. Just the letterheads make a statement all on their own, but the words are eloquent..

Kaplan of New York and Palm Beach died peacefully on January 21, 2016 after a brief illness. He was 82 years old. Richard D. Everybody seems enthused about the Tampa Bay Lightning. But I have to see Ben Bishop do it again before I believe in the Lightning . Does anybody have worse luck than Andre Durie? .

Lots of clock remains but a double digit lead is comforting. For a moment. New England answer right back with a touchdown and suddenly the Super Bowl has turned into a basketball game with the Eagles leading 29 26 with 18 minutes still to play. This is the second time that Meachem has been on the Saints sideline during a game this season and for the second time, the team has won. So I’m saying that they should allow him there for every remaining home game because, it can’t hurt.Remember back in 2009 when the Saints went into Washington and stole a win? That game was highlighted by Meachem’s strip and score. Today, the teams comeback was just as impressive as eight years ago.

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