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“I don’t depend on anyone else to put anything on my calendar. I put it on there because I own it. Very rarely do I break appointments. Millions of those who will be helped this year are Texans, whose homes and businesses were destroyed or damaged after more than 50 of rain fell during Hurricane Harvey. With another major hurricane, Irma, now approaching Florida and the Southeast coast, donations are becoming even more important. That why our local Salvation Army chapter is collecting items to send to hurricane victims..

There is massive change in the air. While angry white men stew and wonder what happened to their roost, the young, the women, the working poor, the people of color have forged an intense political bond. Having raised their voices higher, having suddenly been filled more with a sense of hope than one of despair, this alliance is now poised to catapult further.

The value of extra innings and multiple pitching changes is evident in the amount of dollars Fox secured during last year’s World Series. Despite a relatively stunted five game set, the Mets Royals series generated north of $240 million in ad revenue, according to Kantar Media estimates. That represented only a slight decrease compared to the 2014 series, a seven game showdown between the San Francisco Giants and Kansas City Royals that took in $257 million.

On if he thought in the offseason this team could be 9 1: “No. But one of the really wonderful things about football is you keep hope alive. In this game and these team circumstances, you never know when you are right around the corner from possibly going to the moon.

The Hawgs emerged victorious against the Rome Renegades last Sunday by a score of 22 17, despite the Hawgs offense not scoring in the second half of the game. Oscar Davenport completed 17 passes for 171 yards and two touchdowns, while Brad Lee ran for 51 yards and one touchdown. Robert Bailey caught eight passes for 71 yards, while the Hawgs defense intercepted six passes..

House Russia investigation chairman Michael Conaway, a Texas Republican, said the intelligence committee could make this report available to the public directly. If the committee votes to “override” the classification of the material in the report, it would then move to the president, who would have five days to decide whether the classified material poses a national security risk. The full House could vote to override the president if he opted to keep the material secret..

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