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Contact Us,Well, University of Florida Athletic Director Jeremy Foley works a heck of a lot faster than his counterpart at Miami. Will Muschamp, the defensive coordinator of the Texas Longhorns, has been named the new head honcho in Gainesville. Previously, he had been guaranteed to be Mack Brown’s successor at Texas, but I guess he couldn’t wait..

To take an analogy from boxing, you can’t beat your rival with a single attack; you have to win through with a combined strategy. We ought to break through our self restrictions, to conquer ourselves, not be chained by our own previous victories and old mindset. That explains why the most challenging decision for us is the next decision after the right decision..

This wasn’t misplaced optimism, either. One look at the draw showed a spot in the semifinals was well within reach. Ghana and Uruguay, which beat South Korea earlier Saturday to reach the quarters, are both ranked lower than the United States. Speaking Thursday morning on CNN affiliate KTCK Sports Radio, former Dallas Cowboys quarterback Troy Aikman said, obvious Tom Brady had something to do with this. For the balls to have been deflated, that doesn happen until the quarterback wants that to happen, I can assure you of that. Of Fame coach John Madden told The Sports Xchange he believed Belichick was clueless about the ball pressure, but can see and you hate to make examples of what you can see because that sounds like you are accusing someone but I can see that being between the quarterback and the equipment guy.

Honest to goodness, the plunge in NFL viewership and attendance at games has nothing whatever to do with the quality of play or the high level of professionalism of the players and coaches. But nobody thought, before Colin Kaepernick took that fateful knee on the San Francisco sideline, about the well being of the league and its now majority constituent player base of doing something like that. Had anybody thought it through, that it might repel millions of fans who most assuredly DO NOT go to the games or watch faithfully on TV to view what they fairly can perceive as a series of shameful insults to the republic, its flag and anthem as well as the men and women who defend it, surely cooler and smarter heads would have prevailed..

Arizona Cardinals at Seattle: The Cardinals registered a season high seven sacks against Seattle in Week 7, which helped salvage a solid fantasy week despite giving up 34 points. This go around will be on the road at raucous CenturyLink Field against a well rounded offense that can secure the No. 1 overall seed in the NFC with a win.

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