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Erika Stein Espaniola, superintendent of the Kalaupapa National Historical Park, wrote to the department on Jan. 12 that higher ticket prices could impact the park service 40 employees not all of whom can make the hike up the cliff as well as park visitors and researchers. Emergencies often require sending patients out of the park..

Of course, my favorite Barkley quote of all time came during the NBA playoffs last year after he visited San Antonio. “There’s some big ‘ole women down there,” Barkley let it rip. “That’s a gold mine for Weight Watchers . I am female, was raised in a conservative Christian home, and played on an all boys soccer team in high school. I was never exposed to anything in a boy locker room, the coaches made sure my privacy was respected, and I am still great friends with many of those team mates. If your daughter wanted to play football, made the team, and earned her keep just like the boys on the team assure you she would be one of the most protected girls in the entire school and I am speaking from my direct experience.

Aaron Jacob Fahrner, Owendale GagetownPlayed four seasons of varsity football, is playing his fourth of varsity basketball and will play his fourth of varsity baseball this spring. Earned all state honors in all three sports and has captained both the football and basketball teams; helped his three teams to a combined five league championships heading into this winter. Serves on MHSAA Student Advisory Council.

Sports broadcasting icon Brent Musberger is hanging up his headset and leaving the air after fifty years. It’s a bit odd that he’s doing it in the middle of the college basketball season, but as of January 31st he will no longer be broadcasting on ABC/ESPN. We will no longer hear his trademark, ” You are looking live.”.

So, as the old saying goes, tough times don last, tough people do. Weekend included a Sunday evening dinner at Trumbull Country Club and concluded Monday with a golf outing at TCC. Holmes said the event was mostly a success, even though participation and funding was down from last year.

The Broncos just need to find a QB for him to protect. Detroit Lions Charles Harris, OLB I struggled with the Lions pick. I “settled” on Charles Harris, someone to take some of the pressure off of Ziggy on the other end of the DL. Mackenzie Astin stars as young Will Stoneman who challenges a field of international sled dog racers to win a $10,000 prize put up by Louis B. Hill, the son of railroad tycoon James J. Hill of the Great Northern Railway.

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